Friday, June 1, 2012

Nokia PureView 808 – 41 mega pixel camera – Pre-launch review

The company who brings product in market first, gets the benefit of early bird launching. Then same brand name gets used in various similar products. For example, In India, Colgate was the toothpaste brand came first. So many people asks shopkeeper to give “Babool’s Colgate”. So In India Colgate has become a substitute name for tooth paste. Nokia got the same benefit in India in mobile market. Everyone will agree to the fact that, mobile reached to every single person in India mainly because of Nokia. So the equation was – mobile means Nokia. However, in last few years first Motorola, then Sony Ericson and now Samsung is responsible to end this monopoly of Nokia in Indian mobile market.

Now Nokia has again geared up to penetrate deep in Indian mobile market and is keeping all faith in Nokia Lumia. Similar to Nokia, Computer OS giant Microsoft has lost the wave in Mobile market. Therefore both Nokia and Microsoft will be benefitted if Nokia mobiles running on windows OS become popular.

Nokia understands the people pschycology very well and knows that, people will not notice you till you show some miracle. Nokia is about to bring this new miracle with the launch of Nokia PureView 808 mobile. In coming few weeks Nokia Pureview 808 mobile will be launched in India. Nokia is going to take mobile cameras to new height with the launch of Nokia PureView 808. The camera in Nokia PureView 808 is going to be of 41 mega pixels. This is really unbelievable. Nokia is using satellite technology to bring 41 megapixels camera in Nokia PureView 808.

Usually satellites have excellent quality remote sensors to get the pictures of Earth’s surface from space. These remote sensors are used in Nokia PureView 808 by keeping the efficiency same size is reduced. This is why you can also do HD recording in Nokia PureView 808. The experience of Nokia PureView 808 was provided to people who were present in Nokia Strategy Meet during cricket IPL season.