Azure Cost Optimization


This page specifically provides tips and tricks for Azure cost optimization. In the world of any cloud the operation cost is ever going thing and while you spend your money on any cloud provider it is really important that you find the ways to reduce cloud spend.

In this page, I will keep adding tips and tricks that you and your organization can use to reduce the cost of Microsoft Azure spend. Essentially I am ambitious to make this page ever growing and one stop solution for all methods and steps to perform Azure cost optimization. So if you have any suggestion for Azure cost optimization, feel free to propose to me and I can have you write a guest post on my blog and have your post featured on this page. Treat this page as your own asset to save your money!

Lets go!

Tip #1 – Identify unassigned Azure public IP list

Refer to blog post – Identify unassigned Azure public IP list to retrieve the list of public IP addresses which are not used but you are getting charged for them. Once you get the list, you can simply remove them and save your azure cost. This post specifically target Azure Basic IPs as of now. For standard IPs I will publish a new post.

Tip #2 – Start and Stop Azure Virtual Machines

Compute is the most costly resource in Microsoft Azure. So you should always find an opportunity for Azure cost optimization in Compute. Refer to blog post – Start Stop multiple Azure VMs using Automation where I talk about how can you leverage Azure Automation service to control your cost of Azure VMs.
If you want to learn more about what are cost incurred by Azure VMs then you should not miss Azure frequently asked questions, not easily answered post.

Tip #3 – Azure App service Plans and running multiple apps

You can run multiple Apps inside single App Service plan and save your Azure cost drastically. Refer for details -

More Tips coming soon...

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