Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is Identity Provider

What is Identity Provider

I have already given a good insight on the concepts in following link.
Request you to follow the above link to know more details about identity providers.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Identity providers, security token service and claim based authentication concept

Identity providers, security token service and claim based authentication concept
Security in IT field is vast topic. Today I just decided to discuss some of the basic terminologies that are used in the context of “identity and access management”.
I will address following questions (of course according to my understanding) –
1.     Why we need identity providers?
2.     What are identity providers? How it helps in identity and access management?
3.     What is claim?
4.     What is claim based authentication? How it is different from certificate based authentication and integrated windows authentication?
5.     What is claim based identity?
6.     How to implement Claim Based Identity?
7.     What is relying party?
8.     What is an STS (security token service)
9.     How to establish STS (secure token service) trust between relying party and identity provider?

If you know above terms you may like to have a look directly at - Implementing Claim Based Authentication.  However I will strongly recommend you to go through the following contents.

Need of Identity Provider – Today number of web sites growing exponentially. The motive of each web site today is to provide services to the user. Hence these are service providers. However most of the time service providers have to worry about authentication of the users which diverts service providers from their main aim of providing services to the user. To overcome this problem, typically service providers do not authenticate users but instead requests authentication to be carried out by other organization. The organizations which take care of authentication decisions are Identity Providers. This eliminates the need for multiple IDs and authentication mechanisms for service providers.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Windows Azure Service Bus configuration and accessing on-premise WCF service using service bus in a web role application

Azure Service Bus configuration and accessing on-premise WCF service using service bus in a web role application.
Finally, after 1 month, I learned a new feature of Azure. It is AppFabric Service bus. Pretty cool stuff!!
Today, I will be talking about service bus basics and what code you need to write to make it work. Ok, so here we go!!

In simple terms, Service Bus is intended to be used on-premises to publish service endpoints on Internet that can't be accessed from Internet because the existing firewalls or NAT (Network Address Translators).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cloud computing features and understanding cloud computing

Cloud computing features and understanding cloud computing.
Everywhere today only one word is buzzing around. CLOUD COMPUTING!!!
Many of you must be having questions about what exactly this cloud computing is? What is the requirement of cloud computing? Why cloud computing? What are advantages of cloud computing and so on?

Today I will discuss some of the features of cloud computing. What are the new trends coming to cloud computing?
Cloud computing is very important in terms of stopping piracy and cost cutting. In fact Cost cutting and Piracy are two important features of cloud computing. Because of these two unique advantages of cloud computing, all IT companies will move their businesses toward cloud computing and some of them have already started moving towards cloud computing platform.
If you have a very basic low configuration or low capacity computer, and if you want to avail all software services starting from basic software like word, excel, power point to ultramodern animation software, you will have to increase the capacity of your computer. However with cloud computing enabled you don’t have to increase the capacity of your computer yet you can avail all the modern software services with the help of cloud computing. There will be a server local to your city or anywhere in the world which will have all the required modern software services. Your computer will be able to avail all these services with the help of cloud computing.

Future data and information storage option - cloud computing

Future data and information storage option - cloud computing.
When I recall ancient times, I get astonished to see that where were we and now where are we. We have completely forgotten the days of floppy era. Today is the era of CD, DVD and portable hard disks. Technology is evolving very fast.
If you purchase a new personal computer or desktop PC now, you will not find floppy drive in central processing unit (CPU) box. Today Sony is the only company which manufactures floppy drives. However, Sony has also decided to stop floppy drive manufacturing. Floppy is going to become a history now. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Windows Powershell to import certificate in store

Powershell to import certificate in store.
Quick go through of adding certificates to Trusted Root Store using powershell.
Code is as follows –
[String]$certPath="your certificate path ",
[String]$certRootStore = “CurrentUser”,
[String]$certStore = "root", - this means we are adding certificate to Trusted Root Certification authorities

$pfxPass = "Your password"

Monday, July 4, 2011

ASP.NET - Paging in DataList control and binding generic List to DataList control in horizontal orientation

Paging in DataList control and binding generic List to DataList control in horizontal orientation.
June was very heavy because of work. I could not get time to write a blog post. July looks better as I am free. Client rejected all the efforts I put in the month of June and cancelled the project. I hate clients..!!
Hmmm…Anyways, during that time in June, I had implemented many things which look simple but hard to find on Google. Here is the one. Implement Paging in DataList control. I was so much used to GridView control that I never devoted time to look at DataList control. And when I had to work with DataList, I was stuck with basic functionality of paging even.

Alright here we go –