Saturday, October 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Camera – Review and Features

“Click and Share” is the motto of today’s generation. Today’s youngsters love to capture happy-sad moments in camera. Companies exactly figured out this need and brought digital cameras in very low price. However, after clicking your favourite snap, to share it on social networking sites; it is mandatory to connect camera to laptop or computer. To overcome these problem mobile companies came up with new idea – Smart phones. Now you can capture photo and share it on social networking sites using smart phones.

Today the giant name is smart phones market is Samsung. It is very interesting to see launch of every new product from Samsung. In every product they have designed; one can easily find out the balance Samsung provide in quality and cost effectiveness. If you consider this history of Samsung; I must say now Samsung have taken a very bold step. “We are bringing a camera to change the definition of photography” Samsung claims! The name is – Samsung Galaxy Camera. Camera operates on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Gone are the days of being jealous for not having high end cameras for commercial use. Samsung Galaxy Camera can be used for commercial and high end photography. Let’s understand its basic but new important features – 

Smart Pro Mode – 

Be ready to capture excellent photos. Smart PRO MODE will help you to capture various colours at night as well. Or you can capture a high speed scene with action freeze. For example, you can capture a bike rider with action freeze on a simple button click!!