Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Windows Azure – Windows Azure Connect Issue – Disconnected status

Few days ago I was completely frustrated with Azure Connect. I was trying to establish connectivity between azure role and local machine. No matter what I do, status of Connect agent on local machine was always displayed as “Disconnected”. Hopefully I have a couple of solutions referred from forums and some of my findings which I am sharing with you. If you get stuck with this issue, these solutions might help you.
Problem – Status of connect agent in system tray is displayed as Disconnected.
Solution – Follow the steps below one by one –
1.     Make sure that, you have enabled Azure connect for your Azure role application.

2.     Enable checkbox of IPv6 from properties of Local Area Network on local machine.

3.     Open outbound port TCP 443 on local machine.
4.     Allow IPV6 ping communication rule in firewall by running the command –
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="ICMPv6" dir=in action=allow enable=yes protocol=icmpv6
5.     Install connect agent on local machine from the link which can be obtained from “Install Local Endpoint” button on Azure portal.
6.     Configure connect group on management portal, add local machine and your azure role. Check if you get the connectivity and status of agent in system tray is showed as Connected.
7.     If no connectivity, then check if your machine is behind a proxy server. Run the command
“netsh winhttp show proxy”
This will display the proxy server along with its port. Run the following command in command prompt –
Replace myproxy with your proxy server address and associated port.
The stop and restart the connect agent service –
Net stop wace
Net start wace
Check if you get the connectivity.

8.     If still no connectivity, then remove the proxy server by running command –
Netsh winhttp reset proxy
Stop and restart the connect agent service –
Net stop wace
Net start wace
Check if you get the connectivity
9.     If still no connectivity, then check if firewall policy has blocked the domain Windows.net because of which the setup may be unable to download the required files during the installation. Check if you get the connectivity.
10.  If still no connectivity, open event viewer and record the error. Also you can create logs by running the command –
"%PROGRAMFILES%\Windows Azure Connect\Endpoint\Diagnose.exe" /collectlogs
and mail the error to Microsoft support. J

Note – Checking connectivity means When azure connect agent shows the status as Connected or Connecting, and if you run ipconfig; you will always see the IPv6 as -  2a01:111:3f00..
If IPv6 is displayed means, your machine is connected to Azure successfully.


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