Monday, October 24, 2011

iPhone 4S reviews – voice recognition – SIRI iPhone

Almost 2 weeks have past after the sad demise of Steve Jobs. Still people are talking about him and his inventions. And why they should not? Although Steve Jobs is not between us still he has brought a new revolutionary technology at our door step – Voice Recognition. 

To enable a machine to understand sound and then enabling it to understand words. Moreover making machine to understand meaning of these words is really a magic. This is not just an invention it is miracle. This is the reason why iPhone 4S has broken all the records of iPhone series.

So what apple has done this time which was absolutely impossible before?
Many mobiles introduced before iPhone 4S had facility of Voice Command. However voice command mobile technology was limited to dialling a number present in address book. Voice dialing had many problems in it. If a train or truck passes by while you are pronouncing the name, then voice dialing was used to fail.
iPhone 4S can understand your voice dictations, ups and downs in your voice commands and change in meanings based on your vice tones. Moreover, iPhone 4S voice recognition can even speak with you!! The technology used in iPhone 4S to achieve this high level of voice recognition technology, iPhone 4S uses – SIRI. For iOS SIRI acts as a personal assistant application.

SIRI Assistant – Your wish is its command – 

For earlier voice command applications, user had to talk in specific voice toning. For SIRI such type of specific voice toning is not required. You need to talk in the normal way you talk during your day to day activity. “SIRI” is very intelligent, so it understands everything. SIRI will respond in the same way in which your friend will respond. “Easy to Use” is the main selling point of SIRI. Following are the images taken from Apple’s web site.

Helper SIRI –
Siri helps you in your day to day activity. Means you just need to tell the complete day activities in the morning then SIRI keeps all this information with it and works accordingly. You don’t have to specify that, “this person is my boss, talk properly”. SIRI takes initiative on its own and talks in professional way to the respective person. Means the language and voice toning of sending message to boss and wife will be different. SIRI does all this on its own. When you give voice command as “Call Taxi” then SIRI will take care of calling Taxi Company. SIRI tells your exact position and your destination information to Taxi Call Centre.  Also you will be notified automatically when Taxi arrives. This kind of all information is present in SIRI and you don’t have to specify anything. 

SIRI Understandings – 

SIRI does all the work needed for completing task assigned by you. You don’t have to tell minor instructions for completing the assigned tasks. SIRI takes the decision on its own. The applications required for getting the information to complete the assigned task will be utilised by SIRI on its own. For example, if you set task as “to call wife at 4” then before 4, SIRI will remind you about calling and at 4 call will be automatically dialled.

Weather Notifications – 

When you are about to leave for a place then SIRI gives you information about temperature, weather statistics of your destined location.

Talk and get information – 

The voice tone you use for asking a question is also understood properly by SIRI. This indicates that what level of efforts software technicians have taken to build it. If you say, “Where I can get Burger nearby?” then SIRI identifies you current position and analyzes the burger hotels in nearby area and provides you the exact information. You don’t have to even tell the complete sentence. If you say only Burger still iPhone 4S SIRI works intelligently.

Dictation – 

With iPhone 4S you don’t need to worry about typing. Instead of typing, tap the microphone icon on iPhone and record your voice commands. This voice information will be converted to text. This way you can create emails, messages, twitter, facebook updates.

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  1. Siri is an evolution of the Siri Virtual Assistant, a spin-off of a DARPA project called CALO. Apple bought the company in early 2010 and now that functionality is baked right into the OS.