Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Science for kids

Today I have decided to share my knowledge of science experiments with you. The experiments that I am going to demonstrate are very basic and most suitable for kids in age range 7 to 16.
In these experiments I will tell few concepts, the reasoning behind behavior of matters and of course few images demonstrating the experiments.

It was fantastic experience for me to conduct those experiments on my own. I hope you will also gain some knowledge from these experiments which will help you in your career and will definitely shape your learning curve. I will make sure that you enjoy a wide range of information and science facts that are sure to surprise and amaze you.

Here is the list of topics. Click on the links to visit the particular experiment –

Ice on a String – Wow, Pick Ice cube using thread…

Refraction of light - Breaking sppon in glass of water...

Stay tuned for more…

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