Thursday, February 9, 2012

Windows Azure – Adding STS reference from Access Control Service in Azure web role

Here I assume that, you have already configured Access Control Service on Azure portal. You are ready with relying party application added to your ACS on Azure ACS management portal. You have configured identity provider say ADFS or any other of your choice. Here I will be discussing steps specific to adding STS reference in your Windows Azure Web Role Application.
First of all we need to download WIF SDK and install it on the development machine which has VS 2010 installed. Once WIF SDK installed, open visual studio and right click on Web role project. You will see “Add STS Reference” option visible. Click on it to launch a new window.

Add application URI. If you are working on development – it will be as shown below. Else if you are deploying to Azure link will be, Click next. If a pop up appears asking about https connection, select yes or no as per your choice. I am not using https therefore I proceeded further and ignored it.

Select “Use an Existing STS” option and add STS metadata link obtained from Azure ACS management portal. To obtain metadata link, click on Application Integration link and get the metadata url as shown below –

On the next screen select no encryption. If you are planning to use encryption and chain validation then make sure that you use same certificate which you are using on ACS management portal and in your application.
Click finish to complete adding reference of STS.
Hope this helps.
Happy STSing!!!

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