Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HTC one V – an android 4.0 powered smart phone from HTC - Features and Review

In the field of smart phone, along with BlackBerry, one more company penetrated deep in the market. The name is HTC. Initially, in the starting age, “smart phones mean HTC” was the trend. After that, Samsung and other few companies stepped into smart phone and HTC had gone on back foot. Now HTC is trying to rise again with new series of smart phones.
Great things in Small Packages
HTC describes their new smart phone HTC one V as “Great things in small Packages”. Main change in HTC 1 V lies in the size!!! The new HTC one V is rectangle in shape however corners are curved. Because of this curvature HTC one V has become easy to hold in hand.
 It's a 3.7in LCD panel with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The only downside is that the surface is less oleo phobic (lacking affinity for oils) than other smart phone screens so fingerprints are more vivid.

Best Picture Quality in Deemed Lights
HTC one V has similar features what other HTC one Series mobiles offer. Excellent powered camera which can do shooting and photography in deemed light as well. Camera of HTC one V gives best images in worst conditions like low light or no light.
Auspicious Sound Quality
The sound quality of HTC one V is improved to the great extent. Irrespective of what you doing on HTC one V; you get experience of excellent authentic sound.
Experience Camera Revolution
Camera field is experiencing great revolution these days. Everybody wants only one camera which can do the job of photo and video recording. For the same, all latest cameras caters to both photo and video recording. So what is next? Now you can capture a moment as photo while recording video. Provision of this feature in camera was technically a challenge and all latest cameras handle this challenge very well.
HTC has provided this facility in HTC one series smart phones. So you can capture a video moment as photo while video recording. Also all video recording is in HD; as no one wants anything less than HD.

Integrated Music
If you ask anyone about other alternative use of mobile phones, I am sure 100% people will answer only one thing – Music. This is the reason why all mobile players make music available in integrated manner. Some people prefer Radio and few others may prefer different music apps. HTC one V has all these music options integrated in one. So every time users don’t have to stop the current application to start new music application. This is going to be a new experience for users.

Internet Facility – Scroll free viewing of internet pages.
After music mobiles are used more for internet connectivity. However, if the browsing page is too big then it becomes annoying to view internet page on mobile screen. If page is big then users have to scroll right and left to read complete line of the article on internet page. This also consumes lot of time and browsing makes irritating. To bring easiness and smoothness in mobile internet browsing, HTC one V has removed scrolling. So you can view the internet page seamlessly without disturbance and you don’t have to scroll right, left. Text Reflow adjusts text to the width of your screen which means no more panning left and right. Also in HTC one V you can copy and paste the particular internet browsing page for later use when internet connection is not available.

Dropbox facility
At the starting age of computers, 6GB used feel like huge memory size. Today 500GB feels like peanuts. Many of us carry pen drive or USB HDD for day-to-day work. HTC one V has exactly captured this need of users and provides Dropbox cloud facility to cater the need of storage. Any one who purchase HTC one V will get 2 years of free subscription of Dropbox. Of course the size limit is 25GB.

For all the specifications about HTC one V click here. This phone is available in India at the prize of Rs. 19999

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