Saturday, October 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Camera – Review and Features

“Click and Share” is the motto of today’s generation. Today’s youngsters love to capture happy-sad moments in camera. Companies exactly figured out this need and brought digital cameras in very low price. However, after clicking your favourite snap, to share it on social networking sites; it is mandatory to connect camera to laptop or computer. To overcome these problem mobile companies came up with new idea – Smart phones. Now you can capture photo and share it on social networking sites using smart phones.

Today the giant name is smart phones market is Samsung. It is very interesting to see launch of every new product from Samsung. In every product they have designed; one can easily find out the balance Samsung provide in quality and cost effectiveness. If you consider this history of Samsung; I must say now Samsung have taken a very bold step. “We are bringing a camera to change the definition of photography” Samsung claims! The name is – Samsung Galaxy Camera. Camera operates on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Gone are the days of being jealous for not having high end cameras for commercial use. Samsung Galaxy Camera can be used for commercial and high end photography. Let’s understand its basic but new important features – 

Smart Pro Mode – 

Be ready to capture excellent photos. Smart PRO MODE will help you to capture various colours at night as well. Or you can capture a high speed scene with action freeze. For example, you can capture a bike rider with action freeze on a simple button click!!

Slow Motion Video – 

When you will explore Slow Motion Video mode, I guarantee you that you will just say SLOWER IS BETTER. Instead of viewing the video in slow motion; shoot the video in slow motion with Samsung Galaxy Camera. You can capture the amazing moments of your life at 120 frames per second at resolution of 720*480. And of course you can view it in crystal clear video display screen.

121.2mm (4.77") HD Super Clear Touch Display –

The biggest screen a camera can have. Enjoy the snaps right away on biggest screen a camera can provide. You don’t need a Laptop, computer to edit your snaps. The GALAXY Camera’s 121.2mm (4.77") HD Super Clear Touch Display is what a camera display was meant to be, with an ultra sharp 308 pixels per inch and glorious colours. And with the new White Magic Technology, you can even double the brightness without worrying about battery consumption at night. Multiplex movie screen is designed at 16:9 ratio so why not view your HD movies at a golden 16:9 ratio? Perfect.

Natural and Simple design –

As Samsung Galaxy camera is designed to keep it simple, no extra efforts are needed during photo or video shoot. No button on back side of the camera and all required buttons are placed on top with exact locations; simply boosts the photography experience very much.

Voice Controls – Talk to your camera – 

The camera not only captures your life’s beautiful moments but also obeys your orders. Due to integration of voice commands the camera listens to your orders. So you can zoom in, out, set the timer with voice commands and get a snap when ready. Even you can ask the camera to rotate the photo, delete or share on social networking sites with voice commands. J

Photo Wizard –
The GALAXY Camera packs an amazing set of 65 powerful editing features on board, giving you the opportunity to edit professionally with ease and while on-the-go. The ultrafast quad core processor, and that beautiful 121.2mm (4.77") HD Super Clear Touch Display, giving you access to various features so you can edit in precise detail and with ease.

Movie Wizard – 

With the help of out of box various features, you can create an amazing movie without need of any expertise.

SMART Content Manager –

Who doesn’t want to be free from the hassle of saving all that great photos you created? GALAXY Camera's Smart Content Manager does it for you intelligently, creating folders, tagging faces, and even making suggestions to Smart delete pictures that didn't come out quite the way you wanted.

Shoot and Share in real time –

You will be saved from irritating work of transferring your photos to computer and then upload it. Well, now you can share your photos at the same time you shoot them with Share Shot and the magic of Wi-Fi Direct. It lets you share your pictures with up to 8 other Wi-Fi direct devices within range.

Auto Cloud Back-up –

The worst nightmare of your life – I lost an important photo due crash of my hard disk. I photo image is garbled; these kind of scenarios will be history now. GALAXY Camera’s convenient Auto Cloud Back-up feature automatically saves your precious family photos into the cloud the instant you take them.

Unlimited Connectivity –

You can keep your laptop at home while travelling out of station. As your camera will be able to upload and share the photos on internet sites. It supports 3G and Wi-Fi. So the next time you're out vacationing and want to instantly share all your memories with the folks back home, the GALAXY Camera is the only thing that you need.

Detailed specification of Samsung Galaxy Camera is here.

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  1. Well, then maybe Nokia should start making digital camera with their old OS(instead of killing it, it's such a waste! )or maybe Windows. With the PureView technology and the PureMotion + HD. I'll definitely gonna buy one, I don't care if it's just a camera.