Thursday, June 6, 2013

Introduction to Paper Tab – Features and General Information

In few years, you might have noticed that, Touch screen mobile and Touch Screen Tab sizes are growing. Growing sizes of Tablets and Touch Screen Mobiles has emerged as major user unfriendliness for the techno savvy people. You might have come in situation, when you are going out with your wife or girlfriend and she handovers her touch screen tab or touch screen mobile to you to keep in your jeans pocket. This is where you understand the problem of growing size. J
To overcome on this size problem technicians are checking out the possibility of introducing “Folding Tab” in market. This folding tab is known as “Paper Tab”.

This super-slim, paper thickness tab screen will be made up of “Electrophoretic Display”. In simple words, this tab will be similar to a digital paper. So you can twist it, fold it and keep in your pocket.

Features and Overall Look information below –  

Width – Width of paper tab will be 0.4mm. This will be 1/18th of iPad Mini (7.2mm) 

Scientists have manufactured 10.7 inches of high resolution screen. The clarity of Paper tab will be very similar to Kindle PaperWhite tablet. Of course 264 pixels per inch will going to provide less clarity as compared to iPad Mini. 

How Paper Tab Will Work –
The Paper Tab functioning will be very similar to any Touch Screen Tab functioning. Click on thumbnail will open the document in full screen. Scrolling can be done from one side of the Paper tab. 

Unique feature of Paper tab battery is if you are on one page then Battery life will not be consumed. In such a case Battery life is consumed only while scrolling and surfing. This may result charged battery and being used for weeks or months.

CPU – Processor
Paper Tab will be equipped with Intel Core i-5 processor. All files will be stored on Cloud hence no memory card or device is required for Paper Tab. 

Market Price –
To compete with other leading Tab companies, Paper Tab will be launched with starting price of 20$ (1200 INR).  

Features missing in Paper Tablet –
If you are thinking of buying Paper Tab for watching movies of playing games then hold on. Paper Tab does not support movies and games. Paper Tab is solely dedicated to documents. So if you think is a different way, Paper Tab can be a huge advantage to Business and Marketing folks. 

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