Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Facebook Tips & Facebook Help – How to get back up of your facebook data

Benefits of Facebook can be the topic of debate, because facebook is mainly being used for gaming, chatting and time passing. So facebook is for time pass and that can be proved without any survey and this is period. However if you have a look at facebook timeline; one can easily get the information of things you had done since you have joined facebook, places you had visited, how had you reacted to certain incidents, new friends and many incidents can be viewed from timeline. This information can be valuable to live the moments you spent. What If you facebook account gets deleted? Or you clicked on some virus based link and your facebook wall has some weird posts and now you only have option to delete the current account and get new? In such scenarios if you have the back up of facebook data then life will be easyJ.
Login to the facebook. Click on Settings icon present in right hand upper corner of your browser. The icon is of “Gear” sign. You will see numerous options on click on Gear sing. Out of these options choose “Account Settings”. You will see the screen as shown below –
As shown above choose the option “Download a copy of your facebook data”. Further you will be presented an option to selected for starting archive of your data on facebook as shown below –

On click of Start Archive, a screen will appear where in you will need to enter the password of your facebook account for security purpose as shown below –

On continuing further, at last you will get the information statement saying that, “We are generating your personal Archive. We will email you when it is ready”.

That’s it. Once the link is available on your email all facebook data can be downloaded. For security reason this link will be active for few days only so keep an eye on your inbox.
Hope this helps.
Happy Facebooking!!!

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