Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gmail Tips – How to avoid sending mail without attachment

You are about to send an important mail. In the body of email you describe to view the attachment to the recipient and accidently you send the mail without attaching required files. This embarrassing moment I have experienced numerous times. Thank god I use Gmail!!
Gmail has come up with excellent feature. Say for example you are drafting a mail in which you will be attaching a file or document in it. So as soon as you start writing mail; keep any of the following wordings typed in advanced – “see attached” or “see attachment”.
In such case even if you accidently click send without file attachment, based on these 2 wording Gmail automatically searches the mail for attachment files and if it does not find any, it will show a pop up message as shown below –

This way you get saved from embarrassment!! Cool feature. I really love these Gmail features which are making the life of users so easy and error free.
Happy Gmailing!!!

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