Monday, January 6, 2014

How to log on to TFS as different user

Sometime you may have to login to TFS with different user; however TFS by default picks up the user logged in to windows or previous connection details. I am using VS2012 currently hence will explain the process using VS2012 IDE only. Look at the following screenshot. When you click on Connect option in Team Explorer window by default you get connected to the required server with credentials you have used to log on last time and you are not prompted to change the login user.

This will force to ask new credentials when TFS is opened for connection.

Go to Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel).Click User Accounts. Click Credential Manager.

Then from Windows Credential and Generic Credentials expander click on Remove from vault.

After this if you open TFS again you will be prompted for credentials as shown below –

 Hope this helps.
Happy TFSing!!!

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