Thursday, May 8, 2014

Resolved - The ‘IdentityAndAccessVSPackage’ package did not load correctly OR SetSite failed for package [IdentityAndAccessVSPackage]

Yesterday I was trying to configure my application for Azure ACS and I was not able to find the option “Identity and Access…” for my web role application.
To get this menu option enabled for a web site, web role project  you need to install Identity and AccessTool.

This tool can be installed for Visual Studio 2012 from the link or it can be installed as a part of Extension and Updates from visual studio 2012.

I installed it and restarted visual studio got below mentioned error –
The ‘IdentityAndAccessVSPackage’ package did not load correctly

When I went to the location mentioned in above screenshot found following specific error –
SetSite failed for package [IdentityAndAccessVSPackage]
Following are the steps to be taken to resolve the error –
1.     Uninstall IdentityAndAccessVSPackage if already installed. This can be uninstalled from Extension and Updates menu as shown below.

2.     Change the framework to 4.5 for web project. Currently 4 or 4.5.1 will not work.

3.     Install WIF SDK from the link –
Make sure to install 3.5 and 4 version of WIF SDK.

Once all of the above steps are performed you can see the option of “Identity and Access as shown below –

Hope this helps.
Happy Accessing!!!

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