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Cloud computing features and understanding cloud computing

Cloud computing features and understanding cloud computing.
Everywhere today only one word is buzzing around. CLOUD COMPUTING!!!
Many of you must be having questions about what exactly this cloud computing is? What is the requirement of cloud computing? Why cloud computing? What are advantages of cloud computing and so on?

Today I will discuss some of the features of cloud computing. What are the new trends coming to cloud computing?
Cloud computing is very important in terms of stopping piracy and cost cutting. In fact Cost cutting and Piracy are two important features of cloud computing. Because of these two unique advantages of cloud computing, all IT companies will move their businesses toward cloud computing and some of them have already started moving towards cloud computing platform.
If you have a very basic low configuration or low capacity computer, and if you want to avail all software services starting from basic software like word, excel, power point to ultramodern animation software, you will have to increase the capacity of your computer. However with cloud computing enabled you don’t have to increase the capacity of your computer yet you can avail all the modern software services with the help of cloud computing. There will be a server local to your city or anywhere in the world which will have all the required modern software services. Your computer will be able to avail all these services with the help of cloud computing.

If you have cloud computing services enabled then your machine or computer will have only one icon present on it. You will have to login with credentials provided by the company who provides cloud computing services. After login you need to provide list of software services you require. In few moments requested software icons will appear on your computer desktop. Once your work is done, these icons will automatically be removed from your computer.
The biggest advantage of this cloud computing feature is that, you don’t have to store any unnecessary information on your computer. Hence computer’s efficiency and speed rises drastically. For example, your computer may have Photoshop installed. However, in practice you use it very few times. When you are not using it, this software still consumes storage space on your computer. With the help of cloud computing you will be able to get rid of storing unnecessary software.
Following are the sample cloud computing diagrams taken from Google –

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of cloud computing and benefits of cloud computing –
Next Generation Analytics –
Businesses are always worried about future of market, rate of inflation. These factors directly affect all businesses around the globe. Also these factors directly or indirectly influence all the people and associated economy around the globe. Provisioning next generation analytics as a part of cloud computing services is being researched in America. This will help to predict the future status of inflation, market status and overall economical development trend of world. IT big players like Microsoft, IBM have already started research in next generation analytics area. This will impact our day today life greatly as we will be able to predict future money investments, business opportunities and inflation.
Interactive video –
All corporate sectors are suffering from corruption these days. Considering this, companies are demanding for video services. For maintaining videos, corporate companies will require Video Content Management services. To avoid corruption, companies are planning to record a video of all the meeting being held in company. This will also benefit in e-learning process. For this, video must be interactive. The research is going on and in early 2011 first version may get released. By 2013 we will have Interactive Video concept in place and al content management will be provided through cloud computing services.
Storage Class Memory –
This is the feature cloud computing for converting computer’s RAM memory to flash memory. This will make computer work even if it is off and the information will be made secured. This will provide maximum benefit for IT companies as they will not have to worry for storage capacity.
Social communication and collaboration –
Social networking has brought people together from all over the world. Although this people gathering are virtual, it is affecting our lives to the great extent. Therefore it is very important to make use of social networking for our own good. This will include blogs, instant messaging, collaborative office, crowd sourcing.
Context Aware Computing –
This feature of cloud computing will play an important role in case of doing interaction with every user. This will include many experiments by using different types of information. For example, when we type a word on Google Search then immediately intelligence of Google shows many matching options. This is an example of Context Aware Computing. With the help of cloud computing this will be made more modern and more informative.
Mobile Application and Media Tablet –
Tablets are no more new to us now. However more update versions are coming everyday to market. These versions making tablet more user friendly. One of such tablet is Media Tablet. This will include all the latest information of surveys, business news etc. this will help tremendously to business class and marketing people. The base of information for these tablets will be in cloud computing services.

So overall Cloud Computing looks very promising. Let’s see how it proves itself.
Till then, Happy Clouding..!!

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