Monday, July 18, 2011

Future data and information storage option - cloud computing

Future data and information storage option - cloud computing.
When I recall ancient times, I get astonished to see that where were we and now where are we. We have completely forgotten the days of floppy era. Today is the era of CD, DVD and portable hard disks. Technology is evolving very fast.
If you purchase a new personal computer or desktop PC now, you will not find floppy drive in central processing unit (CPU) box. Today Sony is the only company which manufactures floppy drives. However, Sony has also decided to stop floppy drive manufacturing. Floppy is going to become a history now. 

The journey of floppy has been really interesting. It had started with big size and ended with 1.44MB floppy drive which can easily fit into your pocket. Only Sony which is a Japanese company was manufacturing floppy. Till today Sonly alone has sold almost 12 million (1 crore 20 lac’s) of floppies all over the world. But from next year Sony is going to stop floppy drive manufacturing. From here onwards not a single floppy will come in market.
Surprising thing which I have observed is some people in Japan and India still uses floppy drive. But demand of floppy drive is too low. Pertaining to this low demand, Sony had stopped 3.5 inches floppy manufacturing in Europe in September 2009. March 2010 was the last time when last piece of floppy drive was sold in Europe.

In 2003 DELL had stopped providing Floppy drives in computers. The way of storing digital information is changing day by day. After floppy, CD, DVD was used extensively for storage of information. After that USB drives came... People are moving to USB at very fast rate now and demand of USB is rising exponentially.
So what is next after USB? People have already started talking about it. It is CLOUD COMPUTING. In coming years, storage options of CD, DVD, HDD will become obsolete and it will be replaced by cloud computing. People will be able to use their data from any corner of the world by using cloud computing. So good bye to floppy is actually a start of new revolution and we must welcome the new technology – Cloud Computing.

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