Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4G Terminal – Samsung invented first commercial 4g communication terminal

4G Terminal – Samsung invented first commercial 4g communication terminal
In india, 3G has just started now. All mobile service providers are slowly started moving towards 3G just now. However scientists are already working on development of future mobile technology - 4G.

Samsung is known for hitting home run in mobile communication technology. This time again Samsung have dominated other mobile generation companies. Samsung India has invented world’s first commercial 4G terminal. This is world’s first commercial 4G communication terminal. 4G terminal developed by Samsung is a special type of Protocol Stack which is used for communicating with mobile towers.
Samsung has just invested 70 million dollars in India manufacturing unit. It seems that the results of this huge investment are becoming visible. No doubt that development of 4G terminal has given Samsung an edge over other mobile player companies.

Mobiles always keep communicating with nearest mobile tower. The protocol stack used in mobile and tower communication is very important. Protocol stack decides the life of mobile battery. Means mobile battery consumption will be decided by the protocol stack used in communication between mobile and mobile tower. 4G protocol stack developed by Samsung is invented by Indian scientists and now it is open to world for commercial use. So this 4G terminal will be used by other mobile companies also. The patent of first 4G terminal stack is now with Samsung. This is really great achievement for Samsung and more specifically to Indian scientists.
Samsung is about to launch first two “4G” mobile based on this protocol stack in coming months in US. In few months they will be available across the globe.

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