Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mercedes CLS 350 – review and features about India launch

Mercedes CLS 350 – review and features about India launch.
Mercedes!! The name says it all. Mercedes is in love with India auto market. India has proved as a potential market for Mercedes Benz. Mercedes have got huge response in Indian auto market. Especially Mercedes Mumbai is hot favorite.
Needless to say, Mercedes always launch their new cars in Mumbai first.
So, Mercedes Benz India has brought a new “Mercedes CLS 350” sedan type car model. If you want to know what you mean by luxurious car, go for Mercedes CLS 350.  Mercedes thinking tank has applied all their creativity in the design the CLS 350 and redefined the luxury. Mercedes CLS 350 is being identified as a milestone in the field of premium luxury cars. With CLS 350, Mercedes is targeting young crowd in India which works in corporate sectors. Mercedes defines this car as world’s first coupe car with four doors.

Let’s look at the new features in brief. Both sides of this car are decorated with LED lights. Headlamp has 71 LED lights which gives you extremely bright headlight and makes headlamp as a high performance headlamp. Parking lights are also of LED only. Also it has parking sensors which gives the exact indication about the car movement while parking and provides visual effect in the form photos to the driver. This eases parking of car to the great extent. Mercedes CLS 350 has V5 engine of 3498CC power.
Mercedes CLS 350 will be soon famous for its pick up power. With 7 automatic speed gears, this car achieves 0 to 100Km speed within merely 6 seconds. Maximum speed in CLS 350 is 250KM.
CLS 350 is going to be a milestone for Mercedes Benz and for Mercedes lovers also.

Happy Driving!!!

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