Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facebook Management – Facebook tips and tricks to manage facebook account

Tips and tricks for facebook maintenance –
Social networking sites have invented a new virtual world where everyone has their own account identity. In this virtual world of social networking sites, you meet more people than in actual world every day. Among all networking sites, the one which has won the hearts of all people over the globe is FACEBOOK. We have got attached very much with this famous social networking site.

Few days back I figured out some cool tricks and tips for maintaining facebook account. Adding new friends, Deleting, status update, these are normal day today activity which everyone knows. However, following are some smart tips and tricks which will make you more smart facebook user.
So here we go!!!
1.   Facebook All in One –
Normally Facebook account has maximum friends from our friends circle. However, there are some friends who are not active on facebook but they are regular visitor on other social networking sites. In such cases, it becomes difficult to talk with all other social networking site friends.
But there is a solution to this problem now. “Digsby” and “TweetDeck” are the applications which can solve problem of contacting other social networking contacts. Using “Digsby” or “TweetDeck”, you can use many social networking sites like facebook, twitter, google buzz, orkut etc from single tab. This saves you from opening multiple tabs and login to different social networking sites. More importantly you can save your time while you are socially active. These apps are absolutely free and you can get them from sites -
2.   Facebook Not For All –
You might be having some friends in your facebook friends list which are just very boring buddies. These are friends with whom you can never go smoothly. They just annoy you. Bad news is these guys remain always online 24 x 7 on facebook. And when you login, they ping and start chatting and you just can’t avoid them. Another situation is you are in office, after heavy work you login to facebook and find out that, your boss is also online on facebook. So you may want to be online on facebook for your friends but offline for your boss. How do you achieve this?
Facebook has given a wonderful option which you can use to save yourself from these so called boring guys (you don’t want to talk to them, but you can’t afford to delete them). Go to “Profile – friends – edit friends – create list” option and create list with categories which you want. For example, I have created 2 lists – important friends and very important friends. Once you are done with you list creation, use “limit availability” option from facebook online chat to set your visibility to “Online” for friends list of your choice. For rest of the friends who are in other lists, you will appear as “OFFLINE” in their chat window.
3.   Block Facebook Ads –
Everyone thinks facebook account portray their real life image. Therefore, everyone takes lot of efforts to design and decorate the facebook account to their best ability. These days companies are also visting facebook account of a candidate before recruitment. So decorating and designing your facebook account is very much important and everyone does it with great care and interest.
However, when you decorate your facebook account you invite a big obstacle – Facebook Ads.
Well hold on...You don’t have to worry now about facebook ads. If you are using Mozilla firefox for facebook, then you can block facebook ads. “Facebook Cleaner” is a utility that can be used to block maximum facebook ads. You can download Facebook Cleaner from following link -

4.   Security on Facebook –
Many times on facebook you are prompted to view unknown messages or videos. When you click on it, that message gets automatically posted on wall of all your friends and sometimes that message also changes your account settings. These messages are nothing but the viruses. This is potential threat to your personal information posted on facebook and your personal information may get hacked and misused.
To save you from all security threats facebook has provided an option of “Facebook Secure Browsing”.
It is always a better choice to enable “facebook secure browsing” option while you access your facebook account. “Facebook Secure Browsing” settings can be found in – “Account – account setting – account tab – account security”.

5.   Facebook chat on your desktop –
Like gtalk and yahoo messenger, you can do facebook chatting on your desktop. For availing facebook chat facility, you don’t need to login to your facebook account in internet browser. This facility can be availed by using apps like “gabtastik, digsby”.
6.   Facebook Updates –
Facebook is changing every day. New apps get added on facebook almost every day. To get the latest information about all facebook updates visit -

So guyz, just don’t be socially active on facebook, be socially SMART active on facebook.
Happy facebooking!!


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