Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mozilla Mobile OS – B2G (Boot To Gecko)

Mozilla Mobile OS – B2G (Boot To Gecko)
Everyday new mobiles are coming to market. Along with mobile inventions, today many mobile big players are launching various Mobile Operating systems. Till July 2011, in mobile operating systems, competition was only between, Apple, Microsoft and Google. Now one more successful company in the market of internet browsers has decided to launch operating system for mobile. It is Mozilla.

Microsoft had created monopoly in internet browsing with Internet Explorer (IE). Mozilla has created a strong competition to Internet Explorer by launching Mozilla Firefox internet browser. Many people have acclaimed this browser and there are thousands of people who admire Mozilla Firefox. I am also the big fan of Mozilla Firefox.
Mozilla has really good market share in net browsing market. One of the key features Mozilla had brought in web browsing was “Tab”. This really made Mozilla Firefox very famous. Mozilla is specially known for bringing Tabs in web browser.
So after good success story with Firefox, Mozilla is all set to bring up Mobile Operating System. The project code name is “Boot To Gecko” or “B2G”.
Mozilla mobile operating system is going to be completely web based mobile operating system. Mozilla operating system is going to provide all the common features which other mobile operating system provides. Right now in the market, Apple’s “I Operating System” and “Windows Phone 7” are very hot and famous. Mozilla is going to study all the shortcomings of these two operating systems and going to develop this new mobile OS, referred as “Boot To Gecko”.
What Mozilla technicians have observed is, when users run Web Applications in the Microsoft and Apples mobile operating system, they face lot of problems. Therefore Mozilla is going to focus mainly on Web Application supported Mobile Operating System. Mozilla also have plans to bring “B2G” in the market of Computer Operating Systems.
The first release of Mozilla mobile OS can be used with Google Android Operating System enabled mobiles. Mozilla has clearly posted their vision as; they want to break the monopoly of Mobile Operating systems.
The Mozilla mobile operating system help center link is as follows – Mozilla Mobile Operating System – B2G (Boot To Gecko)
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