Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yahoo Web Player – Online Video Sharing facility by Yahoo!!

Yahoo Web Player – Online Video Sharing facility by Yahoo!!

Yahoo has launched new online video sharing web site to compete with You Tube.
It is termed as Yahoo WebPlayer v2.0.  You can say that, it is an answer to You Tube from Google. This is going to be nice experience for online video lovers. Although, many online video sharing web sites were launched, however no one could withstand You Tube popularity or no one could reach even to the level of popularity which “You Tube” has gained.

Yahoo has gone crazy these days!! They have stopped many old web enabled services and launching new services on their web sites almost every month.
They have changed the look and feel of yahoo e-mail service and added very new and attractive services. Most of these services are not even present in G-Mail also. Although the Gmail is still number one having maximum number of users.
Yahoo WebPlayer is very much different from You Tube. The big difference lies in the fact that, in yahoo web player you can play video and audio files saved on your local computer also. Really cool stuff!!
According yahoo officials, yahoo web player supports most of the audio and video format files. Also like other installed media players, you can also save your Play List in yahoo web player. The technicality of yahoo web player is not at all complex which enables bloggers to share any type of video through their blog or web site. To enable your blog to share videos, yahoo provides some code (in java script) which users will have to add in their blog or web site. One you put this code line on your web page, your web page gets scanned automatically. After scanning if your web page has any MP3, MP5, MVI or related audio and video file, then it will be automatically connected to yahoo web player. After this automatic linking, PLAY button will appear next to your file. Once you click on that file, the file will be played on your web page through the yahoo web player.
Yahoo web player is future Yahoo Media Player. Yahoo officials hope that, many bloggers will use this player in near future to support their blog and to make it more interactive.
As yahoo has launched only beta version of yahoo web player, you can use it with web site pages which are only Java and HTML based.
Looking forward towards yahoo web player!!
Happy Programming!!

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  1. I wish this was true but its not. Web player can play local mp3s but claims to only play remote hosted video like what is already on youtube. Se their website. Its right there. They are not detecting and playing local video as they should. Still works for local audio though.