Sunday, November 20, 2011

Android Ice – Android latest OS version. Android Ice Cream features

Google Android. Market winning OS!! Today if you go to market for any tablets or mobiles ranging from 5000 to 45000, every product have one thing in common. It’s Android!!
No matter which company tablets or mobile you buy, Android is common everywhere. Samsung, HTC, Motorola…all are ruled by Android. The reason behind this is also vivid. Strongest point - Android is open source system. In simple words, it is free. So any one can tweak or customize android as per their requirement. This one quality is responsible for the forming of empire of Android.
Steve Job’s apple had launched apple OS. There were no competition to Apple Os and then Android came and tablets and mobile market experienced 180° change. Now android has brought new version in market – Android Ice Cream Sandwitch.
Multitasking, ultimate connectivity, customizable home screen are the features which will make Android ICE Cream sandwitch famous.
Let’s review new features of Android ICE 4.0 – 
Attractive User Interface –
Use interface means the simplicity you get while using any gadget. User interface is changed a lot in Android 4.0 version. Best animation is provided for every application, new typing feature for high resolution screen mobiles are new changes to user interface. The most prominent addition to look and feel is Virtual Buttons. These buttons will take you to backward screens or home page very easily. Then very gorgeous favourite tray can be used for adding your favourite applications by drag and drop. The favourite tray widget is automatic and resizes itself according to mobile screens. So if your mobile screen is small then also favourite tray option can be used easily without any hassle.

Another cool aspect of user interface is Multitasking. If a mobile or tablet has a high end processor then its OS should provide multitasking to leverage full capability of that processor. Android ICE 4.0 supports multitasking facility with the help of system bar. Google says it has made multitasking "even easier and more visual" on Android 4.0. The Recent Apps button lets users jump instantly from one task to another using the list in the System Bar. The list pops up to show thumbnail images of apps used recently — tapping a thumbnail switches to the app.

 Screen Lock -
Let’s say you are on picnic and you see an awesome photogenic scene. By the time you take out your mobile, unlocks it and start camera; scene gets changed. However, if you have Android 4.0 then you don’t have to suffer in between of locking and unlocking. Android 4.0 Ice Cream provides sliding operating, which unlocks few of the important applications. Means if you slide mobiles screen lock notification window the camera will start automatically. To read message drag down screen lock notification window and message will be displayed immediately. This feature can be configured for applications as per your choice.
 Text messaging and Spell check –
Typing the most boring operation you perform on mobile. I am saying it as boring because I can feel it now while typing this blog post. Android Ice Cream Sandwitch 4.0 mobile users don’t have to face typing. Android 4.0 ICE CREAM has “Input Voice Engine”. It is basically Android Voice to Text facility. You don’t need keyboard for typing. You just need to dictate and voice engine will print that message on screen. The capability of voice engine has increased dramatically in Android. If you make any grammatical mistake then grammatical corrects are also suggested by voice input engine of Android IceCream.
Of course, android text to speech engine has been brought to overcome apple’s SIRI about which I posted here.

Android 4.0 soft keyboard has made typing a very pleasant experience. Word suggestions capability is also excellent and upgraded as per new dictionary. Spell checker is another important aspect of Android 4.0 IceCream. It is very similar to Microsoft word and helps you to correct spellings.
Communication and Sharing – Ice Cream Sandwich People App -
Communication and sharing has become now our daily need. People today want to use social networking sites along with their TV, fridge, and watches. Google Android 4.0 ICE has identified social networking need very well.  Android 4.0 ICE has new app called People App. You can store information of people you contact along with profile pictures in your device and can connect to social networking sites.

Emailing facility has also been improved a lot. Cloud connection is a catching point of Android. In addition now Android 4.0 also has improved Browser tabs, offline reading facilities to the greater extent.
Camera Capabilities –
Android 4.0 ICE provides features same as professional photography. For example, Single motion panorama mode, continuous focus, zero shutter speed, and lag exposure. Ample photo editing aps have been provided to edit captured photographs. One of the features of Android 4.0 Ice allows you change even the background of captured photograph. This facility is also available for video shooting.

Face unlock –
Once of the coolest feature of Android 4.0 Ice is Face unlock. This feature makes android very secure OS. This is completely new screen locking application brought by Android 4.0 Ice making it most secure. You can keep your face and password for unlocking your mobile screen. Mobile front camera is used for face unlocking. Of course back up pin code is available for unlocking which is to be used in case face unlock cannot be used.

Overall Android 4.0 ICE will make smartphones smarter. So if you are planning to buy smart phone then I will advise you to wait for some more time and go for Android 4.0 ICE CREAM.

Happy Networking!!!

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