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Which tablet PC to buy - Cheap tablets in india – Tablet PC options

World has great history of revolution and revolution is continuous process. Today is also no exception to revolution. This revolution is of Tablet PC. The tablet PC revolution is spreading like wild fire in India.
After tremendous success of Apple iPad-2; other companies like Samsung, HTC brought tablets in market which was giving healthy competition to iPad-2. However in Indian tablet PC market; these tablets were costing above 20000 rupees. Needless to say, these costly tablets were not suitable in terms of cost for students, teachers and other middle class community.
After identifying this business gap, Indian pure players such as Reliance, Bharti Airtel, Akash, iBall came for the rescue and these companies successfully brought tablet PC at half price of iPad, Samsung and HTC tablets.
The obvious questions that come to mind about cheap tablets PC’s are–
1.     Tablet PC quality
2.     Reliability of cheap tablets
3.     Advantages and disadvantages of cheapest tablets
Following information will help you to decide which tablet PC to buy.
Let’s first understand basic questions like -
1.     What is tablet PC?
2.     Tablets are mobile phones or computers?
What is tablet PC –
Assume the world of few years back, and you are travelling for a long journey. People had to carry heavy laptops in their travel if they wish to read 10-15 books. This was quite inconvenient during journey. Also smartphones had small screen on which people could not read more than 1 hour as it creates strain on your eyes. To overcome on this problem tablet Pc are introduced in the market. Tablet PC is a gadget which combines the features of smartphone and laptop and it is very easy to carry. Tablet Pc’s are bigger than smartphone whereas somewhat smaller in size and weight than laptop which makes it very handy.
Use of Tablet PC –
As said it is combination of smartphone and laptop, hence you can use it from many things for which smartphone and laptops are used. For example, reading book, using office applications, internet surfing, listening songs, watching video, social networking, calling etc.
Although all important features are provided in tablet PC; you should keep one thing in the back mind that, tablets is not desktop computer, so hardcore work like editing cannot be done on tablets.

Low cost Tablets –
You will see heavy competition in tablet market today. The obvious reason is, companies are launching tablets which very cost effective. If you review all low end tablets, you will immediately notice some common features. All tablets are having size as 7 inches.
Every cheap tablet in India has old android version 2.1 or 2.2. The size of inbuilt memory in these cheap tablets is very low but can be extended. Needless to say, user will have to always carry portable hard disks. Many cheap tablets imply resistive touch technology for their touch screens.
Let’s understand touch technology first.
Difference between Resistive Touch Screen and Capacitive Touch screen -  
Resistive touch technology uses resistive material on the screen. Because of which User will have to use pointed object like stylus in order to operate screen. Capacitive touch screen can be operated with fingers. In short if you are very fond of stylus or nails then you can have resistive touch screen based tablets. On the other hand if you are very fond of using fingers everywhere then go for capacitive touch screen based tablets. Resistive touch is cheaper than capacitive touch. This is the reason why many cheap tablets use resistive touch.
 When you are planning to buy a cheaper tablet then you should consider some data points about your requirement, money budge. Don’t purchase tablet just for sake of having tablet.
Let’s have a look at available cheap tablets in India –
Reliance 3G Tab –
Reliance 3G tab is priced just at rupees 12500 in Indian market. This is the first cheapest tablet in India which provides tablet facilities and telecom services.
Review of features of reliance 3G tab are as follows –

·         Manufactured by Chinese company named as ZTE.
·         7 inches capacitive touch screen; 400grams weight makes it extremely handy.
·         Operates on android 2.3 which is pretty old now (Samsung androids works on 3.1 version).
·         Good user interface.
·         Rear and front 2Mega Pixel camera give expected good quality.
·         You can use it for calling also.
·         Processor is of 800megahertz. Operations slow down extremely if doing multiple works simultaneously.
·         Battery gets heated after a use of an hour which makes it very difficult to handle.
·         Reliance showcased its price as 12500 however with data plan enablement, price reaches to 20000 rupees.
·         Another big disadvantage is connectivity. With Reliance 3G tab, you can only connect to Reliance network.
In short Reliance 3G tab is good in terms of price. If you are willing to use lot of applications with low budget then Reliance 3G tab is a good option.

Beetel Magiq –
Bharti Airtel has launched “Beetel Magiq” tablet which is even cheaper than Reliance 3G tab. Beetel Magiq is available at 9000 rupees. Let’s review Beetel Magiq features –
·         Manufactured by HUWAIE Telecommunications, a Chinese company
·         7 inches resistive touchscreen with only 500 gm weight; making it extremely easy and handy to carry
·         Uses android version 2.2
·         2 mega pixels camera in rear and front side for video calling.
·         Supports 3G communication. Another strong point is, Beetel Magiq has regular SIM card slot which makes it very useful and can be coupled with regular SIM cards.
·         Processor is of high capability – 1 GHz.
·         2GB internal memory with extendable limit upto 16GB.
·         Unique selling Point of Beetel Magiq tab is in built KickStand. Beetel Magiq KickStand proves extremely useful while video calling.
·         Disadvantage is resistive touch screen. The response time of the screen is extremely slow and device responds to touch command late.
·         Look is quite old one and they did not take much effort on making it look stylish.

Lacs Magnum Pepper –
Lakshmi Access Communication System has launched 4 new tablets range in the market. These tablets from LACS vary in price from 6000 to 34000 rupees. Let’s have review of Lacs Magnum Pepper basic tablet –
·         Yet again manufactured in china and designed in Laxmi Access Communication. Magnum Pepper really has stylish and attractive look.
·         7 inches LCD touch screen. Provides perfect resolution picture quality.
·         Although Pepper is based on android version 2.2, android is not very useful as there is no market place provided for android in this tablet.
·         Only front camera provided for video calling that too VGA camera. Obviously, the picture quality is poor.
·         Processor is also only of 800MHz
·         Internal memory is of 2GB and extendable limit is 32GB.
·         These tablets can prove boring experience due to its resistive touch technology.
·         Only strong point is cost. However, you will have to decide whether it is really worth of it.

Aakash Tablet –
AAkash is world’s cheapest tablet PC developed jointly by London based company Datawind and Indian Institute of Technology. Aakash will have price around 3000 rupees only. Aakash is designed by IIT students. I must congratulate those great minds because the look of Aakash tablet is extremely professional. Let’s review Aakash features –
·         7 inches resistive screen. Aakash is extremely poor in case of touch technology. Tech savvy young generation in India will hardly go behind this tab. The Aakash tab is manly targeted for students.
·         Yet another cheap tablets working on android version 2.2
·         Aakash has many inbuilt aps available even if android does not have market place.
·         Aakash disappoints to great extent when you look for processor. Aakash processor is of only 366Mhz. It will be hardly fast in its operations, I doubt.
·         There is no facility for SIM card in Aakash tablet. It can be only used as e-book reader or for internet surfing.
·         Internal memory is 2GB and can be extended to 32 GB.

Hope above information helps you all to determine your Tablet Pc requirement and available cheap tablets in market.
Happy Tabbing!!!

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