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Review - Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 – Semi rugged notebook from Panasonic. Making notebooks tough for long term reliability

Panasonic toughboook CF – 53 is a noteboook which Panasonic term as toughbook. Loaded with “Core i5 2520M vPro Processor”, Panasonic toughbook is an excellent option for “rough and tough” use of notebooks. The most visible point of Panasonic toughbook is Magnesium alloy case. In Panasonic toughbook CF 53 Magnesium alloy is a part which makes it tough. This is why Panasonic has named it as Toughbook CF 53. Let’s review Panasonic toughbook CF 53 and its features.
Need of Tough notebooks and how Panasonic caters this need –
When you are using laptop or desktop computer, we have to be always very careful about Hard Drive or Hard Disk (HDD). Many times jerk received during laptop cleaning, repairing or moving laptops from one place to another place crashes hard drives easily. Hard drives have all the information and important data so it is very much essential to make ruggedized hard drives and ultimately ruggedized notebooks. Panasonic has identified this business gap and came up with excellent Panasonic toughbooks series.

Panasonic toughbook CF 53 hard drive can withstand drops from 70 to 90 cm height. If you choose “Road Warrior” version then toughbook can work for drop from 90cm heights also. Rather company gives this surety about Toughbook Cf 53. The screen is of 14 inches and it is HD screen (high definition). Toughbook battery is also tough and can work till 10 hours.

Making it Tough –
Many times professionals have to work in extreme environments. In such cases environmental conditions can vary from -20° Celsius to 60° Celsius. Our traditional electronic gadgets can work from 5° Celsius to 50° Celsius only. Beyond this limit software and hardware malfunctions or stops working completely. In such extreme conditions also toughbook can work in normal way which is the biggest advantage Panasonic toughbook offers.
Dust particles and Water are dangerous enemies of any electronic equipment. Panasonic Toughbook CF 53 is an exception for water and dust problem. Toughbook works without any problem even if it gets washed in water and dust. Panasonic toughbooks are -
1.       Drop and Shock resistance
2.       Varying degree liquid resistance
3.       Pressure, temperature and humidity resistance.
Panasonic carries out 500 tests to assure its quality and make notebook tough.

Price of Panasonic Toughbook CF 53 -
Considering all these scenarios of testing, lot of efforts and investments has been done in manufacturing of “toughbooks”. Therefore Panasonic toughbook CF 53 is costly too. In Indian market it costs around 99000 rupees.
Panasonic Rugged Notebooks Types –
1.     Business Rugged – Tough enough to meet the requirements of busy corporate professionals.
2.     Semi Rugged – Designed to withstand shocks and vibrations and more durable than business rigged toughbooks.
3.     Fully Rugged – toughest and ruggedized notebook computer. These devices undergo rigorous testing to ensure Pressure, temperature, particle and liquid resistance.

Panasonic toughbook CF53 features –
4.     Intel Core i5 2520M vPro™ Processor
5.     Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
6.     Intel® HD 3000 graphics
7.     14”HD Active Matrix (TFT) color LCD
8.     Robust magnesium alloy display case
9.     Shock-protected, easily removable HDD
10.   Integrated DVD Multi Drive
11.   USB 3.0 and serial port
12.   Battery life up to 10 hours (mobile mark 2007)
13.   2nd LAN or rugged USB optional
14.   Low temperature HDD option
15.   High capacity "road warrior" Battery option
16.   Withstands drops from a height of 76cm to 90 cm
Conclusion –
Panasonic toughbook CF 53 is ideal for professionals in industries such as insurance, constructions and field services where traditional laptops do not provide sufficient durability.
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Happy toughbooking!!!

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